Getting Physical with Your Writing: Tips and Tricks for Actively Battling Writer’s Block

So there you are, sitting anxiously at your computer, staring into the abyss of its illuminated screen while trying to convince your brain that it’s time to write. For whatever reason, your trusty brain is on strike. All fours lobes of its cerebral cortex (frontal, temporal, occipital and parietal), its cerebellum, its stem and yes even its limbic system have unionized and decided that today, at this very moment, you shall not be doing any writing.

As a content writer, I’ve had my battles with writer’s block and have occasionally turned to online resources for help. The majority of these resources recommend psychological solutions: brainstorm your ideas, organize your thoughts, swap out your negative thoughts with positive ones. For me, however, writer’s block will typically set in after completing these mental remedies. I’ll have a fully-researched, organized page; my fingers will be lined up on the keys ready to strike; my mind in a state of complete positivity. And then, nothing. When the only thing left for a writer to do is write, but the writer can’t write, what does a writer do?

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