Movember: My Month with a Mustache


“Let the {mustache} be your master. Will you heed the master’s call?”
–Led Zeppelin

The merry month of Movember has come to an end, and my magnificent mustache is now but a stubbly memory. As I reflect upon the four weeks of having a furry upper lip, I recall the many awkward glances, the many insults from my girlfriend, and the many (errrr, handful) of compliments from friends, family members, and perfect strangers.

So why grow a mustache?

Of course, there’s the charity factor. I grew a mustache as part of my company’s Movember team, and together we raised nearly $1,000 for men’s health issues (specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives). But in addition to growing our mustaches for a good cause, I think many of us “Mo Bros” grew our staches because, hey: when else would we get the chance to?

The 1970s are long over and mustaches are largely relegated to the realm of cultural faux pas. Movember gave us all a chance to say “screw you” to facial hair norms. And while the end results were – in many cases – frightening, it was still a ton of fun. I even had my mustachioed mug featured on BostInnos homepage. I’ll leave you with that image below:


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