Thank You, Blake Ink United

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to Blake Ink United – Purveyors of Quality Graphic Design – for creating this amazing illustration of Hank & Buddy, the two greatest golden retrievers of all time.

"Hank & Buddy" - Blake Ink United

I commissioned Blake Ink to create “Hank & Buddy” so I could give it as a Christmas gift to my sister and her fiance (owners of Hank) and my parents (owners of Buddy). Instead of a photo-realistic image, I wanted something more abstract, but which still captured the dogs’ personalities. I dare say, Blake Ink did an exceptional job.

In my humble estimation, Blake Ink is certainly one of the top 10 purveyors of graphic design in all of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Or at least it’s in the top 10 in Central Square. OK, for sure, Blake Ink is one of the top 10 purveyors of graphic design in Central Square, Cambridge whose name begins with the letter combination “Bl.”

Want to see more? Check out the Blake Ink United website. You can also follow Blake Ink on Twitter (@BlakeInk) and visit the Blake Ink United Facebook page.

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