“Time to Resume” Logo & Branding Project

Did a bit of design work recently for a (forthcoming) nonprofit network called Time to Resume. The network will connect veterans with business pros to help with resume creation and interview prep.

My only guidelines for the logo: It had to be “military-looking” but not “cheesy/overly-American,” and the colors had to be “grays/blues.”

Here were my first ideas:

time to resume-01

Major props to my designer pal/co-worker Matt Plays for coming up with the idea for the chevrons/resume/star icon. (And of course, that’s the logo we ended up going with.) Updated versions below:

time to resume-02



Just the text:

time to resume-text-02


Just the icon:

time to resume-icon-02


And here are some calls-to-action (CTAs) I created for the site:

time to resume-volunteer-cta-04

time to resume-veteran-cta-03

time to resume-blog-cta-05

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