Full name: Erik Alan Devaney

Originally from: Woburn, Massachusetts

Occupation: Sr. Content Strategist, HubSpot

Before that: Content Manager, Placester

Before that: Content Associate/Manager, Dailybreak

Before that: Freelance Writer (via Demand Media, Zerys, etc.)

B.A. from: McGill University in Montreal

College job: Singing Busboy at Le Vieux Dublin (The Old Dublin) Pub

High school job: Lifeguard, Woburn Rec Department

On the side: Celtic Musician

Pubs played include: Le Vieux Dublin, Brutopia, Irish Embassy (Montreal) / Emerald Rose (Billerica, MA)

Instruments: Irish bouzouki, guitar, bodhrán, mandolin, harmonica, etc.

Former band: Devaney’s Goat

Artistic medium of choice: Driftwood

Genre du jour: Historical fiction, action-adventure, sci-fi, anything Indiana Jones-esque

Favorite book: Mutiny on the Bounty

Coffee: Black

Beer: Strong

Pets: Two fire-proof polydactyl cats

Retired blog: The Bard of Boston

On the Twitters: @BardOfBoston