10 Tunes to Get Your St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Started Early

Many moons ago, before I joined the Boston startup scene, I was part of the Montreal pub scene, where I regularly banged away on the Irish bouzouki with my band, Devaney’s Goat.

As Montreal’s premier “drinking band with a Celtic problem,” there was no shortage of Spinal Tap-esque antics and Fleetwood Mac-style romances. But through all the drunken chaos, Devaney’s Goat actually made some pretty damn good Celtic music.

To help get everyone prepared for St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve opened up the Devaney’s Goat vault and have put together a playlist of 10 live recordings from 2009-2010. (Bonus track #11 is a recording of me dealing with a heckler … and, of course, by “heckler” I mean “a guy who requested a song that we didn’t know”.) Enjoy!

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