Learning Adobe Illustrator, Day One: Loco for Logos

devaney-music-logo-1I’ll cut to the chase: I’m learning Illustrator because I’m jealous of my friend/coworker Tyler Littwin’s awesome design work. Tyler’s go-to design tool is Illustrator, which means it’s time for me to graduate from hacking together graphics in PowerPoint, Keynote, Canva, and the like (although, admittedly, those tools are great for a lot of basic design work).

At first glance, Illustrator — like other programs in the Adobe Creative Suite — can seem incredibly daunting. So many menus and options and weird-looking icons … it’s enough to send an aspiring designer running.

Fortunately, there are a ton of tutorials out there on the interwebs that can help. I found this video particularly helpful for learning the basics of Illustrator, such as creating shapes, formatting text, adjusting colors and gradients, and adding drop shadows and other effects.

Below are some of my first-ever Illustrator creations (they’re logos for my family band website). Let me know what you think!







And here are some (mostly hideous) designs I created for my girlfriend’s fictitious school that teaches kids how to (you guessed it) cook and code.





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